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Should I keep this plant for myself or....

Posted by Karyl Agana on

It's been almost a full week and I'm looking at my stock of plants and I can't help it:

I want to keep some of them.

I succumb to justifying keeping plants, by telling myself that it's "recovering" from it's travel. 

Meanwhile, I've given it a home with the right amount of lighting.

I haven't decided to place other plants in recovery but I have Marble Queen Pothos looking at me.

I should've named this entry "Recovering plants" and other lies I keep telling myself.


Alright, we've been open 4 days. I'm slightly terrified of online marketing 😅 😬  because I don't want to feel overwhelmed.

Maybe, soon I'll be one of those sponsored ads you see when you scroll through Instagram.

Image: Philodendron Birkin, recovering from being repotted and too much sun. This fancy Philo likes diffused western / southern light. Water when soil is 80% dry

If you have any questions about your new plant babies, feel free to reach out. 

Via Instagram or email, let's chat!


We sent our first batch of Packages today!!!


I am not shipping plants by Canada Post, I am currently using Canpar to ship. 

Masks, will be Express post.

Ok! That's it for now.

Enjoy the sun!!!



Next Week; 

"Let's talk dirt." a blog.

So, one of the things you will notice in the product description is the BRAND or TYPE of soil I use for the plants I sell.

These brands have served me well over the last 3 years and the information about each soil is accessible online. 

What soil you use is important and depends on what stage you are in your gardening.

I'm not sponsored, but I wouldn't mind if I was. 👋 👋 👋 


Happy Frog Soil 


Black Gold Soil


... more next Thursday.