My Stromanthe; to my surprise is still alive. So I got another one.

There are several plants that I’m hesitant to own. 60% of them fall within the Calathea species. (I’ll write about the other 40% later on).

I bought a Stromanthe Trio Star, two years ago, for my work place. I currently have south facing windows, diffused with a curtain. During the summer my work place is warm and because we work with wood, it is dry. Not super arid, but dry.
At first, I thought I was making a mistake. I also bought it at the bitter end of winter. It was cold. Most of the plant blogs I googled and plant friends have said “not recommended in dry spaces”.
 I love my plants but I also like where I currently work. I wasn’t planning on bringing a humidifier to work.
I took a risk. I took an even bigger risk by placing it over a heater, because it was right by the window.

Fast forward to me shopping several weeks ago, for Jungle Craftorium, and I see a Stromanthe Magic Star.
I smiled to myself and remembered it was exactly 2 years ago when I got the same size Stromanthe Trio Star.  
I thought about how all the odds were stacked against the Stromanthe and to this day, it continues to dance and rustle its leaves for me. So after day dreaming, I decided to stock the shop and give myself a treat.



 I love the chunky colour pallet of the Triostar, blocks of fuschia, white, dark green. I also love how the white glows pink when the sun shines through the staple purple undersides for most marantacae plants. But I am a sucker for speckled plants. I love the dark green foliage with flecks of light green and white and again the glowing pink flecks as light shines through the purple underside.
As you continue to read, you are probably wondering about care instructions.
 Stromanthe, in my experience like diffused sunlight most of the day. I water my Stromanthe weekly and fertilize during the spring and summer. Find well draining soil. Like all plants, water only when needed. If the soil is 80%-90% dry, I say that is a good time to water your plants.

HUMIDITY IS YOUR FRIEND. A tray of pebbles and water would be a good start or get one of those fancy desk humidifiers. If you have the option, go for the cool mist. 


Here is the end of my first blog post!
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Side note; my pronunciation of the plant names and species are my best guess attempts!