Website - Mask sales.

Crafty Masks are now available online!

Alright, I've opened up this website to allow for some online sales for masks. 
It's been pretty hectic, trying to ensure that all orders are met using Facebook, E-mail, Instagram and sometimes phone calls from family members and friends. 

There have been a lot of changes to the structure of the masks since I began making them March 18th 2020. It went from using decreasing my fabric stash, to supporting local fabric stores and local coffee shops with the 40%. 

$10 to $15

60% is donated to Anduhyaun. I'm not changing that. 

40% covered materials and a 1lb of coffee every two weeks. 


Although the sales are more streamlined, it doesn't mean it doesn't come at a cost. $5 - will cover website/payment processing fees and maybe cover some of my labour.

If my masks aren't what you are looking for, I do encourage to donate to Andahyuan though the Canada Helps Website


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who makes the masks?

*waves* Me! I do! 

Where do you get fabric from?

Every Canadian Fabric store that has quilting cotton and fabric designs I like. 

What materials do you use for your masks?
Fabric is Cotton
Ties: Cotton Twill

Thread: Multi-purpose Gutterman Polyester Thread / Aurifil Cotton Thread

Do you deliver/ship?

Bike Delivery is available for $5 (Add Bike Delivery to your cart and enter BIKEDELIVERY as a coupon upon checkout)

Wednesday and Friday
Between Pape and Keele, south of Eglington

Shipping Costs are calculated through Canada Post

Do your masks come in different sizes?

There are 2 sizes that I normally work with, medium and large. See each product for details.

Why 60%?

Why not? The idea behind the 60/40 initiative is to allow makers/consumers access to donate, support local and stand with a community that believes in a cause. 

40% really only ever cost of materials used for any project. 

How does the donation work?
Every two weeks, I tally 60% of sales.
Once a month, a donation is made through the Canada Helps Website.

April 2020: $372
First Donation (April 22nd 2020): $372

May 2020
First Donation Update $834
Third Donation: $834 + May 20th total