Macrame Plant Hangers handmade by Lyka Andres.

Lyka Andres is the creator behind Lykamakes! She is a 21-year old Macrame artist based in Toronto, Ontario who loves to create home decor and accessories.

Lyka has been creating macrame pieces for many years, but decided to start selling my pieces last year!
Check out @lykamakes on Instagram to follow her along this journey as she creates new things.


Green Thumb Collection:
"This collection of macrame plant hangers was inspired by four moms that have positively impacted my life. They are all super moms, and share a love for plants. They would talk for hours about plants, and would even stop at the side of the road whenever they see a cool looking one!

This project is dedicated to these four special moms: Luisa, Lolita, Laura, and in the loving memory of my grandmother, Lydia." - Lyka

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