60/40 Initiative


60/40 initiative is a way for makers to raise funds and awareness for an organization that they believe in. 

$10 of each sale will be divided divided into 60/40, 
60% of profits will be donated to the organization of the makers choice.
40% will be cover the cost for the makers materials

Makers products participating in the 60/40 initiative cannot exceed $30 per item.

If you would like to participate, please contact karyl@junglecraftorium.ca

Current 60/40 initiative: (March 2020 - June 2020)
$15 face masks
Raising Funds and Awareness for:

Anduhyaun Inc. 

"Anduhyaun Inc. strives to support Indigenous women and children in their efforts to maintain their cultural identity, self-esteem, economic, physical and spiritual well-being."

"Anduhyaun Shelter is Canada’s oldest emergency shelter for Indigenous women, where there is support and advocacy for women and children recovering from the traumas of violence. Anduhyaun Inc is a women run organization with Indigenous women and their allies as management, staff, and community partners. "