About Us

Land Acknowledgement; 
We wish to acknowledge this land on which Jungle Craftorium operates. We acknowledge the land we operate on is the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples.
About Me!
Who is me – I am Karyl. *Flails arms* Hi!
It’s taken me three weeks to write this because I find writing about myself very daunting and unnecessary.
But that’s day to day life.
I wanted to run a plant and craft store, so… hello!

Let’s start this again…

Hi my name is Karyl Agana. I am a plant hoarder collector and avid crafter and luckily I have a partner who enables my plant habits and also loves crafting.
Together we run Jungle Craftorium.

It's us! Sagada, Philippines 2019

Jungle Craftorium was conjured up February 2018, while my friends from Calgary, Alberta were to planning to visit.
I warned them that I had a lot of plants and craft supplies and my partner Eric has a lot of tools. For some folks the accumulation of everything we own is overwhelming.
Andrew simply said “ so… it’s like a jungle and craft emporium?”
I was so excited, I responded “ It’s a Jungle Craftorium!”
I sat on the idea of having a makers space with plants, lots of plants. I wanted to be retail space for handmade goods, dedicated mostly to plant lovers.
Then I also wanted to do something that revolved around me as Filipina and my experiences navigating the craft scene.

A couple sketchbooks later, I was still too busy with work-life and my personal life.

Fast forward to April 2020. COVID dawns in Canada.
April 4th - I decided to make a mask with the quilting cotton I had stashed. I posted about it on Instagram.
After several requests to make masks, I agreed and began charging $10 per mask.
April 8th - I realized that I had enough fabric to make at least 80 or so masks, so I posted about selling it and decided that 60% of profits will be donated to Anduhyaun Inc.
April 22nd; I made my first donation and I bought more fabric.
By May 2020, I thought a little bit more about my logo and asked a good friend to help me execute it.
By the time June 2020 came around it was difficult to keep track of orders just using an excel sheet and well and I prematurely opened a website to help me sort out my mask orders plus we finalized the logo!
 Original Logos. 

So, Junglecraftorium.ca officially became a website.

Come June we had some funds to buy plants to enter the plant selling world, I took some cuttings of some of my plants.  We took some photos, did some research and voila – we started selling plants.

With work getting busier and my apartment turning into a narrow hallway – in August 2020, we got a studio space.
We have a dedicated place to make masks!
I have a dedicated space for my fabrics, yarn and all my fibre craft supplies.
My dream of having a studio space came true.
We continued to sell plants until it got too cold outside and we continued to make masks.

As we continued to make masks, we continued with the 60% donation and we made our final 2020 donation December 23rd 2020.
So here we are at the end of January 2021.
As I plan for the year, I finally can tell you what Jungle Craftorium is all about.

Jungle Craftorium is makers space operated by two crafty plant people; Karyl Agana and Eric Trombley. We also carry hand crafted goods, supplies and plants for sale online. 
At some point in the near future, we hope to have a brick and mortar space where we can have a shareable makers space surrounded by foliage.
Let’s see what is in store for us.
UPDATE: July 27th 2021

I can't believe it's taken me so long to update!
Well - we have a pop-up shop with plants! We've partnered up with Qrint studio to develop and print some fun plant accessories and we have a shop at 1243 Bloor St. W

It's been a crazy ride and we are about to embark on a move. So if I don't see you here for another few months, just know I'm working on re stocking the shop.